Grow Your Own

The Allotment. The grow-your-own dream. Sunny, summer evenings spent reaping the bountiful benefits of lots of hard work, digging and planting. Picking fruit and veg, sneaking a little nibble and quality time with the family.
Yeah, that’s the dream. Then there’s the reality of getting soaked in the rain and mud, treading in cat poo as you pick about 8 raspberries, 1 misshaped pumpkin and a gazillion random potatoes (seriously, how are there so many?!). 

But despite the fact that the allotment reality is a polar opposite to the country dream we all have in our heads, you can’t deny the fun! There’s something very rewarding about having your 8 raspberries on your yogurt for breakfast in the morning and knowing, ‘hey, I grew these’. It’s good for the body, mind and soul to grow your own food. To know exactly what work’s been put into it, what’s been put onto it and to have that immense satisfaction that comes with your very own homegrown produce being on the table. 

I really can’t take much credit for our allotment. Yes, I’ve been and dug a few times and picked (one for me, one for the pot) raspberries and strawberries but I definitely reap more than my fair share of the benefits of homegrown/made pumpkin soup than i deserve! Most of the work has been done by my parents and the lovely Bishop family with whom we allotment share. It is however, my August resolution to get up onto the allotment more as you really can’t help but leave in a good mood (even if you are caked in mud and smelling of manure)!

Today my Mum, Dad and I paid a visit to our allotment open day to see what everyone else was getting up to and growing. There’s nothing like some good allotment community spirit on a Saturday afternoon! It was also great to look at the competitions; longest runner bean, 6 exact shallots, biggest carrot etc (not that we had anything to enter…).
The green of all the allotment plants splashed with the colour of vibrant fruit and vegetables was picture perfect. Rows upon rows of little wooden sheds, plants twisting up wooden frames and Autumn’s harvest beginning to appear, could you ask for more?


Kimono – New Look, Top – New Look, Jeans – H&M.

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