Photo Diary: The Pyjama’d Baker and The Afternoon Tea

Earlier this week, I went up to the Midlands to stay at my Grandparent’s house to celebrate my Grandad’s 70th birthday. I got to see loads of family who I hadn’t seen in ages which was great and, as always, hilarious!

I started off the day as ‘The Pyjama’d Baker’ (see what I did there) and helped my Grandma make scones for the afternoon tea…

I eventually got round to changing out of my pyjama’s,

Playsuit – Primark, Loafers – Firetrap.

I’m loving my new loafers! I feel as if they’re going to be muchly worn during the autumnal season…

And smile!

Then the hoards of Selwood’s arrived and so we set out the afternoon tea.

Scones, cake, cucumber sandwiches, cheese on a stick! It was a very British affair.

Can’t go wrong with homemade scone, jam and clotted cream… (the messier the better)

And then we retired to the sunny garden where I got caught in an intense cousin volleyball match.

It was a lovely day, full of family, laughter, chatter and yummy food. Happy Birthday Grandad!

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