Welcome to The Pyjama’d Traveller

Welcome to my lifestyle/travel blog; The Pyjama’d Traveller.

First things first, Hi, I’m Ellie Selwood, I’m 18 years old, from the south of England and have just graduated from a performing arts course in College.

My favourite things in life are travelling, the colours of Autumn, a hot chocolate and a blanket on a cold Winter’s night, long Summer evenings and BBQ’s, dancing awfully in my bedroom, lace detailing, song-writing, my family & friends, hazelnut cappuccino’s and creating my own sense of style and this blog is kind of just an online scrapbook of all those thing; my travels, life and loves.

Everything from recipe’s, style posts, beauty tips, stuff I’ve made, health posts, travel writing to just what I spent my day doing. My life and everything I love, here, in one place for your enjoyment!

If you’re wondering how this blog got it’s name then that’d be because whenever I travel, I often find myself mostly in my pyjama’s. Infact, in the Summer of 2014 alone I have found myself on morning beach strolls in Dorset in my pyjama’s to evening ‘valley of a mountain’ walks in Norway in my PJ’s. What can I say, i like to be comfortable!

I decided to start this blog because I thought it would be something fun but also challenging (i’m not very technologically minded). I thought it’d be something nice for both me and you the reader, to see a document of the stuff that i enjoy/make/get up to.

I want this blog to be fun, uplifting and inspiring. Full of posts that make you want to get out and do stuff, be grateful and to take into account the wonderful little things in life.

So that’s it for the brief intro, there’ll be more ‘getting to know you’ posts in the impending days so until then, enjoy.

Ellie xxx

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