Adventures in Copenhagen

Picture an incredibly hot summers day, the sun is shining and the shorts are on. Coloured buildings line the harbour-side and the streets are alive with chattering people. I can’t really pick out what anyone’s saying, mainly because they’re all speaking Danish and that would be because I’m in Copenhagen.

Getting shown around such a city by a couple of locals (who also happen to be my family) was the most amazing experience. 

The city itself was a lot older than I expected but in a classic, fairytale-esque kind of way.  A million and one metal skyscrapers there were not, picture more old brick buildings, standing next to one another with intervals of colour. 

We went and saw all the classic tourist sights, The Little Mermaid, the Opera House (or the ‘Toaster’ as it’s known to locals) and went on a sightseeing boat ride through the canals of the city.
In the afternoon we took a trip to Tivoli Gardens, a garden and theme park right in the centre of the capital city. We took a walk around the fountains and flowers and I persuaded my brother to get on all the terrifying rides with me! (Although he did tell me that if he had a heart attack it was on me)… 

I loved the vibe of Copenhagen, it was so laid back! Apparently, even the Royals can often be seen walking about on the school run. And everyone loves their bikes, the number of people cycling was crazy in comparison to England. The whole lifestyle just seems so different and so much more active! People out on runs were a very regular sight and health food was all the rage. Even my cousin who we stayed with kept bees, made her own honey, her own bread and just lived really naturally! The Danes just seem to have it together lifestyle wise to be honest.

All in all the city has managed to work its way in to my favourite cities list and I will definitely be going back one day to explore a bit more. Until next time Copenhagen…

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