Friday Five: Autumnal Decoration

This week I decided that my room needed to feel a bit more autumnal, although the days are still pretty warm the seasonal transition is definitely in motion so this weeks Friday five is five ways to decorate your room for Autumn!

1. Turn on the fairy lights.

For me nothing says ‘cozy autumn room’ like some lit fairy lights. 

2. Crack out the candles.

Lots of them too, fill your room with delicious autumnal scents. I tend to go for cinnamon, apple or sweet smells such as candy corn or salted caramel.

3. Jars of Autumn

My favourite way to decorate is filling jars! For Autumn I like to fill jars with pine cones, leaves and conkers. You can go out and collect your own or alternatively you can buy some autumnal potpourri. 

4. Rustic Displays

Horse shoes and conkers etc, ye old Autumn at its finest. I like to leave little displays on my window sill. 

5. Wooden details

Autumn is such an earthy, natural time that any decoration made of wood or other natural materials has a pride of place in my room. 

So there’s five ways I like to make my room a little more cozy and seasonal during the Autumn time, let me know any decor that you like to put up!

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