Friday Five: Learn to Love Running Tips

So within the last 6 months I’ve taken up two new hobbies, one being blogging (!!!) and the other running. Now, I don’t mean crazy hard-core marathon running (although maybe one day) but I did complete my second 5k the other day which is pretty big achievement for me seeming as I took my first run in April (well, it was more of a walk/pant). 

I tend to run about 2 miles (20 minutes) about 3 times a week, not crazy but enough to stay active.

Running for me is not only a great way to keep fit, strong and full of energy but it’s also a fantastic stress reliever and feel-good endorphin releaser. Aren’t this reasons alone enough to want to take up running? That’s why I’ve made this weeks’ Friday Five, five tips to learn to love running, trust me, you won’t regret starting! 

1. Start off small.

You don’t have to run 10 miles on your first run, you don’t even have to run all of it! Half a mile fast walking followed by half a mile light jogging is a great place to start. No one starts out at the top, you have to work, practice and build yourself up. 

2. Get outside.

Running in the fresh air surrounded by nature is far more inspiring and soul fulfilling than running on a treadmill looking at a blank wall, get yourself into the outside world! Start off on a flat loop route and build up to running more difficult terrain like hills and uneven ground.

3. Find a good playlist.
Running to music can often make a run whiz by and so having some motivational tunes playing is always a good idea, have a little workout party for one as you go on your way (or maybe that’s just me).

4. Download a good app.
It’s far more inspiring to record your stats so you can see your progress, as you watch your distance and speed increase you can’t help but feel good! I personally use ‘Runtastic’ but there are plenty of good ones out there. 

5. Know and see the benefits.
Running is just so so good for you! It strengthens your heart, builds muscle, gets blooding pumping to that noggin and helps you sweat out all those nasty toxins among other things. Within a matter of weeks you’ll start to notice how much more stamina you have and how much more energetic and stronger you are, it’s great!

And remember that everyone has days where they just can’t be bothered, me especially! You don’t have to run every. single. day. If you’re not up for that then that’s fine and if running in general isn’t for you, then that’s totally fine as well! There are so many different options out there when it comes to being active and just one form of exercise isn’t for everyone, we’re all different. As long as you’re finding you’re own way to make you’re lifestyle active and healthy then you’re all set. 

Let me know if you’re a runner or if you’re now thinking about starting and do share your tips with me!

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