Meet Madelyn

Madelyn has it down. She’s ambitious, down-to-earth and she will always pick pudding over a starter. She loves baking and animals and likes to surround herself with healthy choices. Oh, and she’s modeled for Vogue.

Signed with Wilhelmina Models (Miami), Madelyn is a rising star in the modelling world having walked in Miami Fashion Week, shot for Vogue Brazil and been in the Jane Summer’s look book, all while just 17 years old. 

She’s genuinely excited about her job and life; ‘I just finished my very first commercial, with Cindy Crawford, this week in Miami and I had the time of my life!’  Madelyn tells me when I ask what she’s been up to. It’s refreshing to find someone so young who isn’t afraid to put themselves out there and really go for their dreams. No one is going to stop Madelyn. 

‘I would describe myself in 3 words as positive, peaceful and determined’, Madelyn says of herself and that she seems to be. Throughout our entire interview Madelyn keeps it upbeat and is ridiculously inspirational, how many other 17 year olds would just take that huge leap of faith and go for their dreams? We have to just ask ourselves, what’s the worst that could happen? Although, it wasn’t always Madelyn’s goal to be a model, ‘My dream was to be a professional ballet dancer but I suffered a very serious hip injury at the age of 13 during a summer intensive at Milwaukee Ballet. I have had three surgeries to my hip and now I’m unable to do ballet.’, she says, ‘During this time I lived in a small town in Iowa and fell in love with the idea of being a model, so my Mum and I would have mock photo shoots in my backyard. It’s like one dream closed and a new dream opened!’. To keep up that level of drive for a new dream takes a lot. Most people see one door close and just stand and stare at it and dwell on the past, they don’t turn around to see the new door opening for the future. 

But not Madelyn, her passion and determination for this new dream lead her to taking big risks, ‘The biggest risk I’ve ever taken would have to be when my Grandma and I just got on a plane and flew to Paris for a modeling!’. Pretty gutsy for a young girl but it just goes to show how determined Madelyn really is and that’s such a great quality to have. 

The other thing about Madelyn is that she’s ridiculously likable, she’s just like any teenage girl in a lot of ways and interviewing her ends up feeling a lot more like a girly chat. ‘My guiltiest pleasure is hand down cupcakes! I bake them pretty much every weekend and eat almost all of them!’, she laughs. She’s also very relatable in the sense that her ideal Sunday would be spent drinking hot cocoa, in sweats, with her family and watching their favourite films.
Madelyn is a total homebody who is perfectly happy spending her time with her family who she’s very close to and whom she calls her biggest blessing, ‘They support me and push me towards my dreams all the time, I’m so thankful for that.’ She says, ‘I’m a night owl who likes to stay in! Reading books, watching movies and unwinding from a busy day’. Her mother is also her biggest inspiration, ‘She has taught me everything and I will always look up to her’. Yep, Madelyn is definitely a family girl.

When it comes to beauty, her icon is Lauren Conrad, ‘I love everything from her hair to her fashion tips!  The best beauty tip I can give is to study your face. Know your eye shape, your face shape and the best colours for yourself. With this knowledge you can conquer so many looks and be confident. Oh, and drink LOTS of water!’. And of course staying active is another big thing for a model but Madelyn likes to keep it pretty casual when it comes to exercise, ‘My favourite way to stay active is honestly to just blast Pandora and dance (without hurting my hip) randomly throughout the day whether in my home or in a hotel if I’m travelling. Or just walks outside enjoying nature, I’m not a big gym person’.

‘Victoria’s Secret is my DREAM brand to work with, it always has been!’, Madelyn says when i ask her about which brand she’d love to work with in the future. And for her own future, ‘In five years time I’d love to be living in LA or NYC having a blessed career and doing humanitarian work’. And her dream cover in the possible future? ‘I would love to be on the cover of Italian Vogue, iconic! It would be a dream come true!’. Well for you Madelyn, I hope that dream comes true and I hope that Madelyn and her story can inspire you to go for your dreams, no matter what!

Quick fire round;
Ketchup or Mayo? Ketchup! I love the stuff!
Favourite subject? History, I love being educated on the world’s history, I think it’s very important. I’m a bit of a history nerd!
Favourite Season? Winter! Funny because I live in South Florida…
Favourite Fashion Week? I have done Miami Fashion Week and it was a blast! But I’d have to say New York.
Dream city to live in? Cairo, Egypt. I am in love with the thought of being surrounded by so much history! 

I hope you enjoyed this interview, let me know if you guys would want to see more stuff like this and also whether you’d want more of Madelyn (maybe grab some cupcake recipe’s off of her…). Thanks for reading!

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