My Reasons For The Seasons: Autumn

While on my run this morning, I stumbled across some freshly fallen conkers on the ground and my breath was definitely visible in the air. Are these the first signs that my favourite season, Autumn, is upon us?

I love all four seasons for different reasons but I thought I’d share my favourite parts and the top 10 reasons why Autumn holds such a special place in my heart. Here, in no particular order, is what I’m excited for in the coming season…

1. Cozy evenings.

There’s nothing better than spending the evening snuggled under a blanket, with a hot chocolate and being surrounded by loved ones.

2. Turning on my fairy lights.

With the nights drawing in, I get to turn on my fairy lights for the darker evenings. I don’t know why I love this so much but there’s something so comforting and magical about it, being sat reading with the lights twinkling…

3. Cinnamon flavours.

Cinnamon is my all time favourite flavour and come Autumn it’s put into absolutely everything. Cinnamon tea, coffee and cake? Yes please! (I mean come on, you can’t turn down a cinnamon and apple muffin!!)

4. Colourful nature.

The explosive colours, the reds, oranges and yellows all around is such a marvelous spectacle! There’s nothing better than colourful trees.

5. Knitted jumpers.

Autumn clothing is my fave. I have more knitted jumpers hiding in my wardrobe, waiting to jump out than I can count! Bring it on. 

6. Pumpkin

I adore pumpkins! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice latte’s, the colour of them, the way they look… Safe to say, I have a seasonal obsession with pumpkins. 

7. Collecting conkers.

This takes me back to Primary school when I’d roam the playground at lunchtime in competition with everyone to see who could find the best/the most conkers. To this day, I still collect them and then use them as little Autumnal room decorations. 

8. Burning candles.

I burn a heck of a lot more candles in Autumn and Winter, I’m just not a Summer candle kind of girl so I love it when it starts to get a bit colder and I can start burning them. ‘Salted Caramel’ or ‘Apple Spice’ are generally my go-to Autumn smells. 

9. Bonfire Night.

This is probably my favourite night of the year. I’m known among my family and friends for absolutely loving Bonfire Night. Fireworks, sparklers, toffee apples, apple bobbing and a night with my nearest and dearest; the annual ‘Bonfire Night Celebration Event’ is always a top evening in my book.

10. Autumnal woodland walks.

Walking in the misty-ness, wading through the crunchy leaves and looking out for any wildlife, I’m a sucker for a woodland walk during this season! Especially if it ends with a nice hot drink…

So there you have it, 10 reasons why I adore Autumn, what do you love about it?

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  1. September 14, 2014 / 3:01 am

    Autumn is definitely my all time favourite season. Everything just seems so cozy and wonderful! I absolutely love pulling on a cozy sweater and collecting leaves for my scrapbook.

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