Autumn ‘Must-Haves’

There’s a wide range of products and things that tend to come into play in Autumn that really get me through the season. 

They’re either practical, indulgent or just plain wonderful and so I think it’s time to share that list!

Let the season of bath bombs commence! As the darker, colder nights draw in there’s no better time for a relaxing soak with a bath fizzy. This autumnal pumpkin one is from Lush.

A plain bottle of water just doesn’t cut it in Autumn, I need to be transporting my coffee with me and so a plastic transporter cup can often be found floating in my bag. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one, mine’s from Poundland and guess how much it was…!

As the Summer hair highlights start to fade, I like to keep mine alive with L’Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly. Apply to wet or dry hair and just leave in for a lightening boost!

Autumn is the perfect time to play around with darker lip colours. These two shades from Rimmel London are my current faves!

With the bracing wind and cold air constantly drying out your skin it’s a good time to find yourself a lovely moisturiser. I’m currently using the Zoella one from Superdrug.

Autumn is also the time to crack out the hats and scarves, wahey! My hat if from New Look and my scarf is actually my brother’s so don’t tell him…

Hot chocolate is my favourite Autumn indulgence. Sometimes I add a cheeky bit of caramel syrup into it for that glorious caramel hot chocolate, yum.

And finally, relaxing by the fireplace with candles. The absolute Autumn best.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Autumn must-haves, what are yours?

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