Friday Five: Favourite Things To Do In London

It’s Friday which means Friday Five time and this week we’re travel posting it.

One of my all time favourite cities has to be London and I’ve been lucky enough to visit it a fair few times. Every time I go there are certain things that I just love doing and so that list is set to become today’s Friday Five. 

1. Coffee in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the perfect place for a coffee stop! It’s quirky, cool and there’s always something exciting going on, not to mention the wide array of shops from food and toys to clothes and beauty. 

2. Explore South Bank

South Bank is really one of my favourite places to explore. From the London Eye to the National Theatre to the Undercroft skate park to all the yummy restaurants, South Bank is a cultural hive of activity. 

3. Walk down The Mall

One of the loveliest London walks has to be down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace. With the trees lining each side of the path, every season brings something new to the Mall. 

4. See Big Ben

It’s so iconic that you just can’t miss out on Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament! 

5. Visit Regent Street

Without a doubt this is my favourite London street. The towering grandeur of the old buildings that are filled with the most amazing shops, Regent Street is a must go to! 

Let me know what your favourite things to do in London are. 

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  1. October 18, 2014 / 11:55 am

    Ellie, I'm loving the blog 🙂

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