Letter From Ellie: Greetings October

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that October is here! 

It’s by far my favourite month of the year. I don’t know what it is about October, the cozy, crisp chill setting in, hot chocolates snuggled in on a cold night, pretty pumpkins, fluffy jumpers and the colours all around, it holds something amazing which I love every aspect of.

Here in Hampshire it’s still surprisingly warm, I mean, I’m spending the first day of October in shorts but before long the nights will be drawing in and the seasonal coziness that I love so much can begin.

This month the blog will be focusing on two topics, ‘fashion for fall’ and ‘cozy nights’. They may seem random now but all will be revealed as the month goes on!

So look out for lots of recipes, interviews, travel posts, friday fives, favourites and so much more this month.

October; let’s get going!

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