A Bonfire Night Celebration

Sparkler time…

So last night was Bonfire Night which called for the annual celebration, the Bonfire Night party tradition that’s been running for years now.

This celebration consists of family, friends, firework watching, sparklers, apple bobbing, toffee apples, hot dogs, doughnut bobbing and wrapping up nice and warm. It’s definitely one of my favourite nights of the year and so here are a few pictures from the event…

This welcoming sign was on the door.

The garden was glowing with purple and white fairy lights.

You could see the fireworks going off all around you by just looking up.

Inside we ate many a toffee apple and hot dogs.

And then we ventured outside for marshmallow toasting…

and sparklers! Here’s a lovely Mother and Daughter pic.

Getting a bit over excited with Ruth…

We then ‘doughnut bobbed’ which is trying to eat a doughnut that’s hanging from a washing line using only your mouth. Everyone ended up very sugary and happy.

It was then on to traditional apple bobbing and Pam, our reigning champion, continued to reign supreme with her speed and precision in obtaining an apple…

It was an amazing night and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Comment below and let me know what you got up to for Bonfire Night.

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