Letter From Ellie: November Is Here

Tis the month for sparklers…

It’s hard to believe that October has already been and gone! But while that has passed it’s time to make way for a new month, November!

I do love me a bit of November, it’s definitely the time to bundle up and I have a feeling my big Winter coat will make its first appearance this month…

November is also the month of (apart from Christmas) my favourite celebration, Bonfire Night! Fireworks, sparklers and toffee apples are just a couple of the reasons why I adore the event so be prepared for a lot of Bonfire Night posts coming your way very soon!

This months’ ‘themes’ are (you guessed it) Bonfire Night Celebrations and also Positivity so look out for some inspiring posts on that subject.

Happy November everyone and do leave a comment on what you would like to see on the blog this month,

Ellie xxx

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