Merry And Brighton

Yesterday I got to take a trip to Brighton, a place I’ve wanted to visit for ages now!

I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s the fact that I love seaside towns, or the good shops or the many things to see. One thing is certain though, Brighton did not disappoint.

After the two(ish) hour drive, blasting Christmas songs in the car with Ruth, my good friend and partner in crime for this certain adventure, the day began with a trip to Brighton Pier to admire the views of the beach and use up all our 2p’s…
We even had our own tour guide in the form of Ruth’s brother.

After lunch at the pub that Ruth’s other brother works at, I had a little bit of time to wander and explore Brighton on my own.
I walked around the quirky Laines, filled with vintage, unconventional and crafty/arty shops as well as seeing the main shopping centre and the little Christmas market.
It was already beginning to get dark (what is this Winter business all about?!) and so all the festive lights looked lovely!

I took myself for a drink at The Bluebird Tea Company, a little shop in the North Laines that sell all kinds of flavoured tea. I bought myself a cherry bakewell white tea and some christmas cake flavour tea bags to take home. It was so so so delicious.

After a final group Costa trip it was time to say goodbye to the bright lights of Brighton and head home.
All in all, a great day.

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