Friday Five: Festive Favourites

Wow that title has a lot of F’s in it…

This Friday I’ve decided to list my five favourite things to do with the festive season. Some are family traditions and others are general Christmas-ness but all five make for December being the best month of the year!

1. Christmas Movies

There is nothing like snuggling up with blankets and hot chocolate and watching a good bit of ‘Elf’. Or in the new tradition Elf Days’ case; eat candy cane, candy corn, sugar and syrup while watching.

2. The ‘Nibbles Table’

This is a Selwood tradition but I’m sure is mirrored in many households across the land. The table full of extra crisps, chocolate, nuts and treats that comes out at Christmastime known as the ‘Nibbles Table’ is greatly appreciated and loved in our house.

3. The Extra Lights

My room becomes the Blackpool illuminations of fairy lights during advent and i’m not ashamed.

4. Festive Flavour Drinks

Why coffee shops don’t sell festive drinks all year round is beyond me (well, it’s probably because it’s not the festive season), they’re by far the tastiest! This year Costa’s Sticky Toffee Latte is definitely doing it for me… YUM.

5. The Sense Of Togetherness

Aww, a soppy and sentimental note to finish on here but the festive period always makes me feel closer to my nearest and dearest. Whether it be the shared excitement for Christmas Day, the most definitely in-tune duets of Christmas songs or the extra time spent together during the holidays, I love the intimacy of the whole season. 

So those were just a few of my favourite things about the festive season, I’m sure I’ll post about more traditions and festive loves as the month progresses but I think I’ve made a pretty good start.

Do leave me a comment about what you love about this time of year!

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