Hanging Up The Stocking On The Wall

It’s officially time to decorate the house for Christmas and so over the course of the weekend, that is exactly what the Selwood’s have done! 

Here are a few photos from our front room and how we’ve given the house more of a festive feel…

First and foremost is of course the tree. Sadly we don’t have a real one anymore (although it’s still sat outside the front door looking a bit worse for wear…) we have this beautiful red, white and gold masterpiece that I like to think I was creative director of. I think it ended up looking pretty good despite my brothers’ several sabotage attempts…

Then there’s the fireplace, complete with stockings, candles and nativity scene.

Oh look, there’s the cheeky ‘nibbles table’ I mentioned in a previous post…

Where would we be without Christmas bunting?!!

These sweet little guys live on the window sill.

Proud of our work!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peak into our festive living room and decorative process.

Let me know how you’ve decorated for the Holidays!

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