Merry Christmas

For me, Christmas is my favourite day of the year. Family, friends, food and celebration.

 It reminds me to be thankful and grateful for everything that I have and for the people I’m surrounded by.

In the Selwood house, the day begins at about 8am with stocking opening. This year we did a family secret Santa stocking and so we all presented each other with our gifts. Dad was only slightly concerned that my brother was buying for him but it didn’t end too badly…

We then have Christmas breakfast which is generally croissants and for me some graze box granola (call me crazy but I’m not a huge croissant fan)…

It’s then off to Church to see the people that I consider my extended family and we have a small time of celebration with them. It’s always amazing to see the fancy dress, this year we had a rather impressive Buddy the Elf costume. 

I will add that on the way to church this year, we sighted a person dressed as Spider-Man in a Santa hat, on a bike, cycling around the roundabout waving at people. My Christmas was made then and there really.

Once we get home the Christmas Dinner cooking begins and so my Dad is confined to the kitchen for the next 90 minutes as he slaves away cooking to a military style schedule…


Once we’re all suitably stuffed, we retire to the living room to open our presents. 

And when that’s all done the Christmas TV goes on from about 5pm through to 11pm and we all snooze / watch TV / eat more food. 

Then Christmas and it’s magic is over for another year. I try to keep in mind all day what we’re really celebrating on Christmas day but of course you can’t always help getting a bit carried away with the tinsel…

I hope you’ve all had a very merry Christmas and I’ll see you all in the New Year for more Pyjama’d Traveler adventures!


Hope you had a holly jolly Christmas. Smile!

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