Happy New Year

It’s 2015. Wow, okay…

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! I was lucky enough to spend it in London, right opposite the London Eye with some wonderful friends.

We had the most amazing view and the fireworks really were incredible and being there right in the middle of it felt really special, definitely the best way to start the year. To see the sparks of colour flying all around, the sky alight with beautiful explosions and hearing cheering from all every direction was truly brilliant. We also did some pretty amazing dancing and singing but that’s another story…

I’m not really one for resolutions normally. Drink more water, see more friends; it’s all pretty standard. But, this year is different and I challenge you to do the same as me. It’s pretty easy really but it’s something we make so hard for ourselves and here it is; to just appreciate every day. 

We should be thankful for every morning that we wake up. It’s a new day, another day, another chance. Who knows what can be done in that day? We could change the world, change a life, change our own life. The possibilities are endless but because we never truly appreciate the wonderful gift of each new day we never do anything with it. So this year, whenever you find yourself lucky enough to re-awake on a new day, see it as the blessing it is, see the endless possibilities of the day and realise that you are in control of your own life and happiness and what you choose to do with it so take charge and go for it.

Have a wonderful 2015 everyone 🙂


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