Interview with FaoBeauty


Meet FaoBeauty, aka Fyona O’Neill, a beauty and lifestyle
YouTuber. Her videos are kind of like just sitting and having a chat with a
friend or a sister, it’s just quite a one-sided chat…

Whether it be a beauty tutorial, a haul or a Q & A,
Fyona’s videos are done with warmth, humour and skilled insight into the world
of hair and make-up. I got the chance to have a talk with her to find out more
about who she is, her dreams for the future and her pudding or starter

‘If I had to describe myself in three words, it’d be
empathetic, laid-back and a worrier!’, Fyona says of herself. A contradiction
that I and many other people can relate too, and it’s her relatability that
makes her so popular on YouTube. With thousands of subscribers and that number
ticking upwards every day, it’s not hard to see why. She’s honest about topics
such as anxiety and bullying yet at the same time is able to make more casual

Like Madelyn who I interviewed a couple of months back,
Fyona is another prime example of not giving up and doing things even if other
people are going to hate on it. ‘I used to do YouTube years ago, before no one
really knew about it, I was about 11, 12, 13, it was a hobby of mine and always
has been! I loved being able to be myself and talk about the things I loved.
But then my channel got found and people played my videos in school on a huge
projector screen in front of practically my whole year and it shattered any
confidence I had. I immediately deleted the channel but still had to deal with
the bullying. There was nothing wrong with my videos, I knew that, it was just
people picking on the next victim. I’ve watched and followed YouTubers since I
was young, the first videos I watched were by Michelle Phan. I always copied
her ‘How to curl your hair with paper bags’ and people were amazed!Β  I always said to myself that when I turned 18
I was going to re-open my channel and do what I love but not on webcam from my
crappy laptop but with professional equipment, lighting, setup, DSLR etc and I
did! And I haven’t had a bad word from anyone and if i do, frankly I wouldn’t
care because it’s my hobby and I love to do it, always have.’


And so Fyona chose to do her own thing, go against the flow
and be herself, a strong message for young people everywhere to take notice of
and she hasn’t looked back since. ‘The best thing about being a YouTuber is the
freedom’, she tells me, ‘You can do whatever you want, when you want! I love
that I can post and film things I want to talk about. I just love being able to
share with people . YouTube is a very friendly community I think and it’s just
so much fun to be a part of’. And where would Fyona be if she’d listened to
other people? Not doing what she loves probably. We live in a society where we
would sit and let ourselves be miserable instead of doing what we love because
we allow other’s opinions of us to come above our own feelings about ourselves.
Why allow that? Do what Fyona did and just be you and do what you love.


Next I asked Fyona, why a beauty YouTube channel? What
prompted that? ‘Like I said, YouTube and beauty blogging has always been a
passion of mine since I was young’, she says, ‘It hasn’t only just come up,
it’s just more people know about it now. I think if you want to blog or do
YouTube you really must have a passion for it or else it shows in videos. Some
people think they’ll get money instantly, free things, popularity etc but it
doesn’t work like that. You need to really love it!’. Good to hear.

I decided that it would be wrong to interview a YouTube
beauty guru and not ask for her top beauty tip and this is what Fyona had to
say, ‘The best beauty tip I could give is to be you. Wear makeup how you want
to. Or if you don’t like makeup, don’t wear it all! Girls shouldn’t feel
pressure to wear makeup and that’s how it is nowadays. We feel ugly without it,
scared to go out in public. I’d try and persuade someone who’s never worn
makeup before to go as long as they possibly can without wearing it because
it’s not needed! I wear makeup to make myself feel better. If I’m not doing
anything or I’m just at home I don’t wear any makeup, if I go out I treat it as
part of my outfit so I like to dress up a bit more. But one huge tip is to wear
makeup to enhance not to change. I know so many girls who are so blooming
amazingly, naturally stunning but cake themselves in makeup and they look
completely different! I know it’s all about personal preference but I think
makeup is to enhance what you already have, not cover it.’ Wise words indeed…

To round it all off I asked her where she see’s her YouTube
channel being in a few years time… ‘I get asked this question all the time
and it’s hard to answer! The typical answer would be to be famous, thousands
and thousands of subscribers etc, but all I would want is for me to still be
wanting to do it and love it. I’ve seen some of my favourite YouTubers’ videos
turn into short, low quality videos just made to make money and that makes me
sad. If I lose the passion I’ll stop making videos, so in a few years I’d just
like to still love it as much as I do now.’

And let’s hope she does as I want to be seeing FaoBeauty
videos for years to come. So go on, click here and hop over to YouTube and give
Fyona a watch (and don’t forget to subscribe!!) πŸ˜‰

Quick fire round;

Ketchup or Mayo? Ketchup definitely, can’t eat a chip
without it!

Pudding or Starter? Pudding. Pudding allll the way. I
defintely have a sweet tooth.

Favourite Song? My current favourite song is anything by
‘The 1975’, I love them!

Where would you love to live? Devon. Half of my family live
there and I rarely get to go see them but when we do visit I love it. It’s so
peaceful there, so cute and cosy.

Beauty Icons? Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Kim
Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung.

Style Icons? Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively and
Michelle Keegan.


Guilty Pleasure? Hmm…McDonalds is definitely a guilty
pleasure of mine. I also love watching children’s TV. It’s a lot more
entertaining than the crap on TV today.


I hope you all really enjoyed reading my interview with
Fyona and I hope it’s inspired you to go out and do what you love! Let me know
if you liked it in the comments and let me know what other stuff you’d like to
see on the blog this year. Thanks for reading.

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  1. January 20, 2015 / 6:56 pm

    FaoBeauty is one of my faves Youtubers! I feel like I know her that little bit better. Great post 😊

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