Happy Valentine’s Day

Just wanted to write a quick post to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who reads this blog! I hope you have a wonderful day and feel very loved.

I also just want to say that if you don’t have a partner to share the day with, then that’s totally cool! I know I don’t but I’ve had a wonderful family coffee morning and then we’re getting a takeaway later (plus a cheeky valentine’s day card and chocolate from most probably a parent…). Then this evening I’m going out with some of my dearest friends. It’s a great day to celebrate the love and appreciation you have for you friends and family; they’ll always be there for you!

And if you do have a partner then I wish you a day of joy, being spoiled and really remembering how much love each other and why. Take today to really go all out in celebration of how wonderful you both are!

Have the best day no matter how you’re spending it!

Lots of love, 

Ellie xxx

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