Letter From Ellie: February Greetings

February is upon us once again, a month dreaded by many. The shininess of the new year is kind of faded, the weather’s grey and miserable and then there’s Valentine’s Day…

But let this year be different. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty that can come with cold weather like perfect frosted mornings and tiny, individual, finely crafted snowflakes. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show your love to family and friends if you don’t have a partner and keep in mind all you have to be thankful for this month!

You could even participate in ‘Fearless February’ to keep spirits high and try to do at least one thing this month that’s out of your comfort zone and will challenge you. I haven’t decided what mine’s going to be yet but I’ll certainly let you know once I have and I want you to all leave a comment of what new and challenging thing you’re going to go for this month.

So head up, embrace everything life has to offer and love your February!

Ellie xx

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