Monthly Favourites: January

I know, I know, I haven’t done a monthly favourites post in aaaaages but I’ve missed doing them so here you have my favourite things from January…

What with it being all chilly and winter-y in January, I found myself taking far more time to relax and pamper in the bath and I’ve been loving the Zoella Soak Opera Bath Soak. It has a really gentle, girly scent and I’ve just really been enjoying using it.

In my opinion, hot chocolate season is in full swing and I love hot chocolate. I also love coconut so it’s no surprise that I’ve gone through the Options Coconut Hot Chocolate like a crazed, choccy monster. It’s delicious and a perfect treat on a cold evening.

Next up, I’ve been loving the Body Shop Eye Primer/Concealer. It gives a bright, flawless finish and is perfect to help cover under eye circles, it really works a treat and I’d highly recommend it!

This next product is one that I always come back to. I may swap it for something else for a while but I could never give it up and that’s the old classic Palmers Cocoa Body Butter. The winter weather really dries out my skin and this stuff is so moisturising, it’s perfect! Plus it smells delicious…

So the nights draw in pretty early in January and I found myself inside far more than I am normally which meant I had lots of time to get hooked on a good TV show. I literally haven’t stopped watching Revenge! It’s so good, I’m onto the second series and I’m addicted, help.

Finally we finish off with my favourite song from January and it’s probably been Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. It’s from her new album ‘1989’ and it’s just such a good song!

Hope you enjoyed my January faves, let me know in the comments what you were loving throughout the month.

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