Bike Ride and BBQ – A Hobbit Adventure

Hello everyone! So Summer seems to finally be arriving, we’ve waited long enough! 

To celebrate the warm, sunny days that we’re currently experiencing, my lovely friend Rebecca and I decided to take a bike ride out to a little place called Chilbolten to BBQ, sunbathe, paddle in the river and relax. A little days’ escape into the countryside or as we have christened our day; A Hobbit-y Adventure.

Our Hobbit Adventure (so called as we spent it mostly barefoot in the gorgeous green countryside) began by cycling out through all the idyllic villages surrounding our town and into the endless fields and rolling hills. The sun was shining, the day was warm and the sights were stunning. The green, bright, amazing-ness of the nature around us was truly breathtaking and we had to stop for several photo ops! The scenery was too beautiful not to photograph. 

Somehow, we amazingly managed to match our outfits to our bikes, we are very fashion forward adventurers…

After getting admittedly a little lost and having to lug our bikes over the stiles we made it to Chilbolten Common.

We set up in the field and got out our ridiculous amount of food for just the two of us and began our veggie BBQ. Quorn burgers and sausages were the meal of the day and after round one ended up a tad on the black side we finally got to eat our burgers after attempt two. (I won’t even begin to go into details about me also managing to cut myself and bleed all over the BBQ, that’s a story for another time…).

Once we’d eaten and packed away we headed to the river for a paddle, It was pretty cold but refreshing on such a hot day. We saw cows in the river too which pretty much made our day. 

We decided at this point there was just something so wonderful about being outside and being with nature, it’s just so fulfilling and good for the soul. The happiness was real.

After we’d sunbathe’d out on the riverside for a while we decided to start to make our way back but via a local country pub where we sat in the garden by the river and sipped on Diet Coke. We then headed off on our triumphant return, waving imaginary ‘best day ever’ flags as we went. It really was the most relaxing, wonderful, best day ever.

Thank you so much for reading, I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to upload a post at least weekly!
If you want to check out the wonderful Rebecca’s version of the days’ events on her blog then click here to go read it, she’s fabulous.
Let me know how the start of your Summer’s going, 

Ellie xx

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