Dare To ‘Be’

To be. Being. Living. What do you want to be? Being different. Being normal. What we are is a very odd subject.

Odd because when we choose to be ourselves we are often criticized for it. We’re told to be less this, less that, more of this and more of that. But what if you’re just being who you are? I say go for it, wholeheartedly and with all you have. Acceptance of who you are is the most major step towards happiness. Once we love being who we are everything else just falls in to place. We can stop trying to be something else and just be. From then you’re unstoppable.

Love who you are and be yourself vivaciously and let yourself shine. There’s something about people who know themselves and are confident with that that just shines and is so magnetizing. Break out of the constricting confines of who people are telling you to be and live brightly and fully. 

Don’t do something you don’t want to do just because someone says you should and at the same time don’t not do something just because others may ridicule you for it. If you’re not harming yourself or others then live your own way! 

Don’t look back on your life wishing you’d done more that would have made you happy. Your true friends and family will support you regardless, if people bring you down for being you then it’s probably best to cut the negativity from your life anyway. In ten years time, you’ll wish you’d spent more time living and loving as opposed to trying to fit in.

You can do whatever you want to do. Go for those dreams that previously you may have stepped back from because others were telling you to. You’re you, not them, and if going for that goal will make you happy then that’s ultimately what matters. 

So be you, always. Imagine what you could achieve once you believe in yourself. So go on, dare to ‘be’.

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