My Reasons For The Seasons: Summer

I absolutely love Summer. Love, love, love it! And with the sun shining down on us at the moment, I feel like I’m actually thawing out at last. So, blow the trumpets, Summer is finally upon us! 

Here are a few reasons to explain just why I love Summer so much…

1. BBQ’s

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love a good BBQ, they’re so iconic-ally Summer-y to me! I’m lucky enough to have a group of super close family friends with whom I regularly get together with over the Summer for garden BBQ’s. These days always end up being some of my favourites over the season. 

2. Summer Adventures

There’s more time and freedom to just spend outside exploring in the Summer. Whether that be through a bike ride, a walk or a day out somewhere, I love going to new places and just discovering!

3. Dresses

Call me stereo-typically girly here but I do love a good Summer dress…

4. Summer Nights

As the sun’s going down after a hot, sunny day at around 10pm, you just get that Summer night smell and feeling in the air that can’t be matched. I don’t know how to explain it but hopefully you know what I mean! I find it truly magical, it’s always my favourite time of day in Summer.

5. Sun, Sun Sun!

Kind of a rarity to get long sunny periods in England but when we do it’s amazing. I love being outside whenever I can in the sunshine and I just feel like the sun makes everyone happier. There’s nothing like drawing your curtains in the morning to blue skies and shining sun.

6. Holidays

Whether it be a full on Summer holiday abroad or just a staycation, I love the fact that school, college, uni and some works all stop for a bit for everyone to chill and just spend more time together. It’s so great.

7. Ice Cream

Just ice cream. And lots of it. Enough said.

8. An Ice Cold Drink 

There’s nothing more wonderful then sipping an ice cold beverage on a hot day. 

9. Reading Books In The Garden

Lying out in the garden, in the sunshine, with a book is one of my favourite activities for a lazy, Summer afternoon. It’s so relaxing and it feels good to soak up some sun! (Always with my factor 50+ on of course, pale problems…).

10. That Feeling Of Content Relaxation

Anyone else just randomly get that in the Summer? Especially on those hot, lazy days. Bliss. 

So there’s a few reasons as to why I adore Summer, let me know in the comments any of your reasons for the season. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, thank you!

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