A New Chapter


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in months but life has been very very busy.


Between this point and my last blog post I’ve actually packed up, moved house and started University.

Yep, I now live in a flat in Bournemouth with my best friend while studying acting. A big change considering this time last year I had no clue where I’d be or what I’d be doing in the future.


Now I’m living in a wonderful town doing something I love surrounded by great people which just goes to show that everything always works out eventually so we really shouldn’t worry so much (I wish I was better at taking my own advice, I’ll always be a worrier…).


Since moving and living independently I’ve realised a few things, and not just that basil plants are incredibly high maintenance or how quickly washing piles up.

Moving away gives you a chance to start fresh and be exactly who you want to be. You can go to new places, make new friends and live on your own terms but that’s also really scary. I miss the comfort of familiarity around and of having a well-established support network around you all the time. Although I know my Mum is only a phone call (or Skype call if we can ever get it working) away I miss being able to just tell her everything and anything 24/7 (as I’m sure she misses that too). When things go wrong it’s tricky not having a Dad in the house but I do appreciate that he let me call him crying about the gas not working a couple of weeks ago, thanks Dad.

But I know that I’ll always have that support from them whenever I need it and right now I’m also building new relationships with people who I can tell are going to be amazing, encouraging people in my life. I’ve just turned 20 and I feel like it’s time to really start getting on with my life, doing what I want and working towards my goals while enjoying every step.


Over all I’m so excited for this adventure, this new chapter to really get going. Home will always be home-home but Bournemouth will now be new home and I can’t wait think of a better place to be spending my early 20’s.



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