Sparklers and Bonfires

This weekend just gone, one of my favourite weekends of the year, was Bonfire Night Weekend!


As many of you know already or will have seen from my similar post this time last year, I absolutely love Bonfire Night and always have a little celebration.

There’s just something about wrapping up on a crisp night, being around a fire watching fireworks while eating overly sugary toffee apples that I just love.


And just because I’m at university why should this year be any different? So I popped home for the weekend to attend the annual celebration.


I should have taken more photos really but I ended up being distracted by the fact that I was home and had lots of people to catch up with and lots of amazing food to eat.


The usual traditions of apple bobbing (which I do believe the reigning champion continued her reign of glory again), donut on a string, sparklers and firework watching were back and it was nostalgic to reflect on the fact that this was our 8th year of this kind of family/friend celebration.


It was a wonderful night, the sky looking the best it had all year, alight with colour and sparkle. Nothing beats time well spent in great company celebrating together.


Roll on next year…


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