2015 In Hindsight


2015 has been quite the mix of a year. I started off in January at the beginning of an un-expected gap year, entirely unsure what I was going to end up doing.


Turns out I ended up helping to create and then co-direct a play for the first couple of months of the year at my local theatre. I got to work with some amazing well-known theatre/film industry people which was a great opportunity that kind of fell on to my lap but I took it and ran and ended up helping to produce something great.



After this I went for a job at my local cinema which ended up turning into something far better than just a job. I ended up working with some new amazing friends who I did so much with out of work too. We went to pub quizzes (never won but hey), went camping in weird woods together, cycled to random places and had awful BBQ’s, had hilarious nights out and just spent almost every day together.



Summer came and I went on two mini-holidays. First I went on a cycling/camping holiday which was such a lovely thing. The three of us who went just had a laugh the whole time and did some fun stuff including going to a water inflatables park in Lymington quay and cycling to Hycliffe Castle.

I then got to go to the festival Momentum which was the most amazing thing. It was so inspiring and I really strengthened some friendships there.




Autumn came and off I went to University. I got to move in with my best friend, study something I love and have already made some brilliant friends. I was apprehensive at first and of course felt homesick but I really enjoy being in Bournemouth and am loving uni life.

It was also this time of year that a brilliant film (Scrawl) that I’d worked on a couple of years ago started to make its way around film festivals which was great to see all that hard work from everyone involved paying off.




I ran my first competitive 10k this year and also took part in the Brighton colour run where the team I ran for raised over £1000 for our local hospital’s children’s ward. We were all so proud.



The year has had some of the highest points in my life (those listed above) but I don’t want it to seem like I’ve had a rosy, wonderful year and everything’s been great and life is perfect. I’ve also been through some really awful points in the year but I think as 2015 draws to a close it’s best not to dwell on them but to remember what was good and look forward to all the possibilities in 2016.

For someone who started the year completely confused and upset over life and had no idea what direction I was going to go in I can say that 2015 has ended up being perhaps one of the greatest years of my life thanks to the people I became friends with and all the amazing things I did.


Happy new year everyone! May 2016 be your best year yet.


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