December in Bournemouth



So my first Christmas build up away from home is here. Of course I’ll be home for Christmas day but for now the festivities are taking place in Bournemouth.


It all started on the 1st of December when I continued the home tradition of ‘Elf Day’ by watching the film Elf surrounded by sugary snacks.

On about December 3rd, me and Aimee (my best friend and now housemate, who I’m sure I’ve mentioned a lot on this blog before) took a rather large Xmas shopping trip to Sainsbury’s for a tree, decorations, festive candles and lots of tinsel. We then created our marvellous mini tree and threw tinsel over the rest of the flat. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas so we turned up Michael Buble and had a great time.





Later in the week I then got to take an ice skating trip with my friends that got me very much in the festive spirit. I only fell over once and that was due to a heated game of ice tag, I’m too competitive for my own good… We whizzed around the ice, bundles up in our hats and scarves, had races on the ‘banana’s’ and laughed all evening.

We all had a mulled wine together in the ski-style bar by the rink and just had a lovely time together.





And what is Christmas without festive films and antlers? Well myself and my friend Sarah didn’t want to find out so we had a wonderful Christmas night in watching The Holiday and Love Actually, listening to Christmas songs, drinking wine and dressed up in seasonal attire.





I attended a wonderful carol service at my church not that long ago and it was there that the Christmas excitement well and truly escalated. We had snow (!!!), carols, mulled drinks, cakes and just a lovely festive atmosphere that was amazing. It was a great evening.





I’ve had a fantastic December so far in Bournemouth but also can’t wait to get home for Christmas!

See you all soon 🙂


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