Brighton Adventures

During the summer, myself and my friend Lillie decided to take a spontaneous trip to Brighton for a day. We both absolutely love it there so we thought, ‘why not’, hopped on a train and off we went.

Soon we arrived and were greeted by the sounds of seagulls and people bustling around, getting on with their daily lives. It was nice to just stop and pause and actually observe the world around us, the buildings, the shops, the twisting lanes and the pebbled beach. Brighton’s a beautiful place.

Our first stop was a salad bar in the Lanes for our lunch and then onwards we went, deeper into the colourful and vibrant Lanes. They’re so filled with character and have a certain quirkiness about them, I’ve never explored anywhere quite like it but it’s simply wonderful. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and popped into a sweet shop for some sugar and visited Snoopers Paradise to use the photo booth. I definitely recommend stopping by the Lanes for a wander if you’re ever in Brighton.

We went for a walk around the pavilion gardens before heading down to the beach. It was a lovely sunny day so we found ourselves the perfect spot over looking the sea and had a little relax. Me and Lillie are both huge bookworms and had brought our books for the long train journey so we cracked them out on Brighton beach and had a little read to the soundscape of the waves, seagulls and pier amusements. We also both definitely fell asleep at one point…

After we woke from our nap we walked over to the pier and had a little explore there. There were some lovely views looking back at the Brighton seafront from the end of the pier and then the pier itself was so much fun. There’s so much going on, an arcade, roller coasters and ice cream parlours. We didn’t go on any rides this time but we’ve agreed we both need to come back and do it at some point!

The sun was beginning to set in Brighton so we decided it was probably time to get the train and head back to Bournemouth. Brighton is definitely one of my favourite places in England and I think it always will be, I can’t wait to be back there and between you and me, I really hope it’s soon…

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