New Season, New Blog

My favourite season is finally here! 

Hooray for Autumn and for cosy nights in with blankets, candles and movies. I love nothing more than snuggling up with a hot chocolate and relaxing on these chilly Fall evenings. 

Getting to go outside into the frosty yet sunny world, bundled up in your favourite bobble hat and scarf and being able to see your breath in the air is a joy to me, a perfect autumnal morning.

Autumn in also the season of change. The leaves going from bright green to vibrant reds and oranges is gorgeous to see. I’m not usually one to enjoy change but this is one I can really get behind.

And so in the spirit of the season of change, I’ve taken a leap and have re-vamped the blog a bit.

I’d just like to say and reassure that there isn’t going to be any massive change to the style I blog, I just feel like ‘Ellie in Real Life’ is a bit more apt for who I am now. I want to keep it real, I don’t want to be a perfect glossy blog that leaved out the raw and real stuff. I’m a 21 year old girl with a normal 21 year old life, warts and all (I have no actual warts just to clarify).

I want to be a real blog and post about my life and loves in a real way. I also promise that after my fairly long absence I’m going to be back on the regular blogging, thanks for waiting! Also, I do know that I am still a very amateur blog. I aim to get better, and hey, you gotta start somewhere right? 

So without further adieu, I hope you can all get behind, support and read this improved blog. Welcome to ‘Ellie in Real Life’. 


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