Low Budget Christmas

It’s around this time of year that all the glossy ‘gift guide’ blog posts come out and as much as I enjoy reading them, a lot of the time they’re just not practical.

I’m a university student, I have no income other than my student loan and then most of that goes on rent, bills and food. I hardly have any disposable income to splash out and treat my loved ones with which is disappointing as I’d love to be able to.

So this year particularly I’m going with a new system to ensure a low budget but loving and special Christmas.

I’ve come to realise that I much prefer quality time and thought out homemade things over material possessions. I remember waaaaaay back on my 18th birthday my mum made me a scrapbook and that meant more to me than any pricey present could have.

This Christmas me and my boyfriend have decided against presents, I’m going to meet him in London and we’ll go to Winter Wonderland (which is free to get in to!!) together instead. This quality time and experience of getting to go somewhere lovely and Christmassy together is such a nice, cheap idea and I’ll have the wonderful memories forever. 

For my family coming home for the holidays is a gift to them enough. I’m joking. But I’ve been very honest about my student financial situation to them and we’ve decided family time is the best present. Just being all together over the holidays will be so nice as we’ve all been apart for the last few months. I’ve even said I’ll join in with some family games of Monopoly (don’t know why we’ve chosen Monopoly though, it’s like we want our family to fall apart…).

And after all this, if you still feel like you need to give a physical gift to your loved ones, try making something. A thought out book of photos and little notes is so individual and special and costs next to nothing!

You don’t need to spend a fortune this Christmas, just enjoy being together and having fun.

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