Uni Life

It’s a piece of cake this work malarkey

University. A step in life some people choose to take and a step that you can’t really prepare for. Well, I mean you can in certain ways but the actual uni lifestyle is something entirely different to anything you’ll have experienced before.

I’m now in my second year at uni and I have to say it’s changed me a lot and definitely for the better. I’m more independent, confident, organised and happy. I can only share with you my experience and I know it’s quite different for everyone but here it is from me…

Year 1 Term 1: 

What a life transition. I was going from a gap year, living at home and working full time to leaving my friends and moving out. It was bloody scary! First term I was definitely feeling quite overwhelmed and homesick. I missed my friends, I missed the ease of living at home and I missed my family. 

It was also very exciting though, I was in a new place, I was meeting new people and I was living on my own. A lot of people would go out a lot and a lot of people wouldn’t. There was really no pressure to join in with the ‘uni culture’ of drinking and partying. It was fun to do once in a while but I definitely wasn’t an ‘every night’ kind of girl. 

First term was spent settling in, exploring a new place and phoning home a lot. 

Year 1 Term 2:

This term I really started to love uni. I found my now really close friends this term, I found my boyfriend and I was really well settled and in the swing of university. I’d actually found a joy in cooking for myself and looking after a house.
Obviously there was a lot of uni work to do but with a strict schedule and support from my new friends I got through it all and was really loving it.

I had been worried in first term about not finding amazing friends like I had at home but I had no need to worry as I found some awesome ones in term 2.

Year 1 Term 3:
By this point in the year living alone was a breeze and I found myself considering Bournemouth as a home as well as my ‘home home’. It was the easiest term work wise as well because it felt like everything was winding down for summer.
It was so lovely that by this point my whole year group knew each other well and we were such a supporting little family unit of each other, I feel so lucky to have that.

And now I’m in Year 2 and everything’s going well. Yes there’s a lot more work this year but I feel as if I know the university ropes now. If you want to know my top tip then it’s BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. You’ll thank yourself in Year 2 that you haven’t spent all your money…
 Also make sure to balance work and play. It’s brilliant to work hard but make sure you make time for yourself, you’ll go crazy otherwise.
I know it’s not for everyone but personally I love university and the experiences it’s bringing me. It’s all about finding what the next best step in life is for you and doing what will make you happy.

Let me know your own uni experiences in the comments/what you did instead of uni, I’d be interested to hear!

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