New Year and Hello Again Q&A

So it’s very nearly the end of 2016 and yes bad stuff has happened this year but you know what, for me personally I’ve had a really great year so I”m going to make sure to celebrate that on NYE.

It’s important to look back on this year and remember the good times and the fact that you’re reading this probably means you have a warm house to sleep in, food to eat and people who love you so if nothing else, celebrate that!

I thought to wrap the year up I’d do a quick Q&A in case you’re a new reader/just don’t feel like you know me that well because what I really want is for readers to feel like friends so here goes…

Name? Eleanor Selwood (Just Ellie is fine).

Favourite place in the UK? Either Brighton or London, I’d love to live in both at some point.

Favourite season? Autumn .

Favourite Food? Halloumi.

Favourite Blogger? I read so many but to pick a fave I would say Hannah Maggs

Favourite Film? I can’t choose but I really enjoy dark thrillers with lots of twists.

Pets? A hamster named Oscar.

I’m at my happiest… In my pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a film on, surrounded by my loved ones. 

Favourite Cause? A cause really close to my heart is working with girls with eating disorders and helping them to recover which I can aid with from personal experience. I’d love to get more into that as I get older. 

Plans for the blog? As well as a happy little space I also want to write about important things, for example, things like the question above. I want this blog to bring people joy but I also want it to be real, not a fairy tale projection of life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about me and I hope you’ll continue to read this blog in 2017, until then HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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