‘Lazy’ Fitness Tips

It’s the new year and you’re full of ‘get fit’ intentions, bring it on!

2 weeks later and it’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning for that run or gym session. That initial motivation just seems to have evaporated.

So how exactly do you keep the fitness inspiration all year round and not just for the first few weeks of the year? Let me share a few of my ‘lazy fitness tips’, my ways of staying on track and keeping fit when you’re feeling your least motivated.

1. Remember that you’re after a healthy lifestyle, not just a quick fix in a couple of weeks. It’s a way of living so if you feel like you’ve messed up it’s not a problem, pick yourself up and carry on. Live in balance and enjoy everything you do.

2. Try yoga! I’ve come to love yoga over this past year, it doesn’t always feel like a workout, it’s very relaxing and the stretches make my body feel so happy. It’s great for when I’m stressed or grumpy because afterwards I know I’ll always feel good. 

3. Go for a walk. Aim for 10,000 steps a day but any walking is great. If you feel a bit rubbish just get up and go for a wander outside. It’s a lot less strenuous than a run and you’ll still feel refreshed and calm afterwards.

4. Lots of little things can go a long way. If you don’t fancy a full-on hour long jog then do lots of little things throughout the day. A squat here, a mad jumping dance party for one there, it all adds up.

5. Finally, find what you love. You’re never going to stay dedicated if you don’t find something you love doing. Maybe book out a badminton court and challenge a friend, go for a swim, try a Pilates class, keep going until you find a fitness regime that works for you.

I hope these tips have helped you and inspired you a bit in your 2017 health goals. Just always keep in mind that it’s totally okay to have that cake every now and then too!

Happy new year 🙂 

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