Dungaree Days

Up until reasonably recently, I don’t think I’ve warn dungarees since I was about 10, but now I’ve fallen in love with them all over again!

For me, dungarees fall into the category of ‘the easiest things to throw on over anything and still look put together’, so what’s not to love?! They’re perfect in any weather, if it’s warm just wear a t-shirt underneath, if it’s cold wear a jumper. Easy peasy. 

The picture above is of my wearing mine out and about at the Christchurch Food Festival last month although I wish I’d been wearing a bigger size because I certainly ate a LOT of food…

Mine are from Topshop but most clothes stores are selling them these days as they’ve made a real comeback.

Thank you for reading and let me know whether you’ve fallen back in love with your dungarees recently! 


Dungarees – Topshop

Top – Zara

Shoes – Clarks

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Apologies that the photo accompanying this post is terrible quality. I lost the original photo so had to re-download it off of facebook.

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