Life Update: Meet Oscar

 I thought it was about time I introduced you all to a special man in my life… My hamster, Oscar.

He’s my gorgeous Syrian hamster who is currently coming up to 9 months old. I bought him as I wanted some extra company at uni because as much as I love my housemate, I know she can’t be around all the time! 

It’s always a big commitment buying a pet of any kind so I made sure he would be in an environment where he would be comfortable and loved and he certainly is! Whether he’s eating food from my hand, running in his ball or having a little cuddle, he’s the friendliest hamster I’ve ever come across. Of course he’s not without his mad moments, doing acrobatics on the top bars of his cage is a favourite. 

I love him so very much and he’s quickly found his way into my family’s hearts too! 

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about my pet, comment below and tell me about your lovely animals.

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