Low Budget Summer

Summer’s finally here with all its sun, excitement and possibilities. But what if, like me, you’re not exactly loaded with cash but still want fun things to do?

Welcome to my little ideas list for a low budget summer. I’ve come up with a good few activities that are either free or very low cost so you can make the most of the season without spending a fortune! 

  • Go for a picnic – pick somewhere you’ve never been before and take some food. 
  • Read a book in the garden – the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the weather. 
  • Go on a bike ride – my favourite is to cycle to a local river so I can paddle after my ride. 
  • Walk in nature – so refreshing and calming.
  • Bake a cake – everyone loves cake!
  • Have a DVD duvet day – snuggle and relax, perfect for the rainier days. 
  • Go camping – enjoy the great outdoors and become at one with nature. 
  • Paint/draw – free your artistic side
  • BBQ with friends – buy a disposable BBQ and get grilling.
  • Visit a beach – sun, sea and sand; perfection!

Let me know your favourite summer activities too and I hope my list was a source of inspiration to you! (Ooh rhyming) 

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