Sea Themed Spend

Now that I’m back home in the countryside for summer, I had to buy a couple of sea themed items to keep the seaside feeling close by!

Firstly there’s the Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cream which I find to be a pretty good dupe for Sunday Riley’s Tidal face cream but with a much cheaper price tag! It’s mattifying for oily and combination skin while also being super hydrating. It leaves my skin soft and balanced, plus, the Body Shop’s anti-animal testing attitude is something I can get behind (the Body Shop do currently have petitions to stop animal testing that you can sign in-store so I encourage everyone to get on that!). 

And then there’s a Yankee Candle in the scent Sea Air. It’s gorgeously fresh and perfect for summer, it really reminds me of sitting on the beach in the sun. There’s nothing more lovely than burning it on a warm summers eve.

I would highly recommend both beachy items and with the Seaweed cream retailing at £13 and the Yankee Candle at £8.99 (although I found mine in a sale!) they won’t break the bank.

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