A Technology Detox

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while!

Today I thought I’d write about my recent weekend which was free of tweeting, filters and Facebook stalking. I spent the weekend technology-less and it was so freeing!

I’m someone who does love the online world and the perks of social media are pretty great but it was also nice to spend time in the ‘real world’ so to speak.

I went camping for the weekend in the New Forest with my family, boyfriend and church. It’s a yearly event that involves staying on a beautiful private site right by a lake.

The weekend’s activities included lots of kayaking on the lake, reading my book in the sun and a lot of socialising with my church family. Just being together, eating together, roasting (vegetarian) marshmallows on the campfire together every evening was so lovely. Being with people face to face and bonding with them in the real world is something we can’t leave behind in this technological age we’re living in.

Of course, being online is so helpful in maintaining long distance friendships and keeping up to date with family all over the world but we can never really replace true, special and genuine time with each other.

So put down your phone for five minutes and go talk to someone you love! You might enjoy it…

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