End Of Year Goals

So it’s October and I can’t even remember what my New Years resolutions were. Drink more water probably? So I’ve decided to take a moment of personal life admin and re-set myself some end of year goals…

  1. Run another 10k
  2. Improve on my German speaking
  3. Spend less money
  4. Successfully spend a week being vegan
  5. Finish the uni term with a 2:1+

I feel like these are small, achievable goals that are actually possible before the end of the year!

I used to run 10k with a fair amount of ease and I’d love to get back to that. I’ve always wanted to be able to speak another language, I have the basics of German down and it’s a dream to become fluent so that’s something to work on and then spending less money is tough but I really want to improve my budgeting! I’ve already started to transition from vegetarian to vegan so doing a week of it successfully is definitely on the horizon. And finally my uni grade, if I put in some solid work I’m confident I can end in a 2:1 which I would be SO proud of.

Let me know if you’re setting yourself any end of year goals and if you are then good luck to you!


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