A Little Life Update


Hello everyone! This week I thought I’d do a slightly different post, I thought I’d give you all a quick little life update.

So, over the Summer I spent a month in Sweden (which you will have seen if you follow my instagram) and it was undoubtedly the best month ever! Scandinavia in general is just a place where I feel so at home. I love the outdoorsy and natural way of life, I love the cities, I love the countryside, it’s just amazing. I really want to spend more time there during the course of my life, I feel strangely akin to the country of Sweden. I also love that they have the word, ‘Fika’, which translates to meaning ‘coffee and cake’, my two favourite things! I’ll insert some photos of Sweden below…



I’m also now in my final year of university studying acting. It’s bizarre how quickly its all gone and I’m already sad when I think about leaving, these past couple of years have been tough but they’ve also been the best years of my life so far so it’s going to be sad closing this chapter! I’ve made so many wonderful friends during this time, it’ll be strange when we move back to our homes all over the country and won’t be together all the time. It’s going to be odd adjusting back to non-uni life.

I don’t want to try and plan too far ahead right now because then I start to worry and stress out and that achieves nothing.  I’ve got to try and view this next step as exciting, I could go do anything I want and live wherever I want but as someone who loves having a plan it all seems so daunting! I’m just going to trust in God and see where life takes me, wish me luck!




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