London Loving


I love London. To be honest, it’s probably my favourite city in the world and even though I don’t live that far away, I seriously appreciate it every time I get to go and visit.

The red buses, the bustling streets and the vast array of architecture among so many other factors make it such an exciting and fun city.

I got the joy of visiting earlier this week as my boyfriend and I went to go see a play at the Haymarket Theatre. I decided to get us there a good few hours early to make the most of the day and the city. We walked around Leicester Square with its bright lights and buzzing pavements and then down Regents Street, admiring the buildings and shops. I can happily spend hours just walking around central London and never get bored. The actual show, Venus in Fur, was brilliant and we met Natalie Dormer (who was starring in the production) afterwards which was every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped for. After the show we walked back to Waterloo over the Millennium Bridge and admired how pretty the skyline looked with all the lights against the dark sky. It was magical.

I had a fantastic day as I always do in that vivacious city and I already can’t wait to go back!


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