Festive Feeling

December is here and I am so so excited! Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. Everything is so magical and there’s a spark of joy in the air. From walking to uni in the frosty mornings to snuggling up with a hot chocolate in the evening, winter is the best in my opinion. The countdown to Christmas in particular is why I love December so much. I’m excited to go home for the holidays and see my family, visit a Christmas market with my boyfriend, do the annual secret santa swap with my best friends and then see my church family and celebrate on the day itself.

I personally have only ever celebrated the holidays in my own country (England) and it’s a goal of mine to one day go somewhere different. I do love my family’s own traditions and run of the day (including my Dad’s famous xmas dinner timesheet, precise to the micro-second!) but I’d be so interested to experience a new way of doing things, whether that be a BBQ on the beach in Australia or visiting my Auntie for a cosy, snowy Christmas in Denmark. For the moment though, my day consists of waking up and having a special breakfast followed by a trip to church. It’ so nice to see everyone on Xmas day, spirits are always so high and happy! Then it’s back home and Dad prepares Christmas dinner while I crank out the festive tunes which are then swiftly turned off by my brother. We then eat, open presents and relax, enjoying the rest of the day and each others’ company.

Let me know how you and your family celebrate Christmas and any traditions you have, I’d be so interested to hear! And keep an eye out this month for many more festive posts to come…

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