Gift Guide on a Budget

It’s no secret that buying gifts can be expensive and stressful but it really shouldn’t have to be that way! Gifting is a lovely thing to do for your loved ones during the holiday season but it’s not the be all and end all of a good Christmas. Here are my tips and ideas for gifts that won’t break the bank and are actually nice and thoughtful over just spending money for the sake of expense.

Coffee Trip – My parents are quite tricky to buy for as they will always pick an experience over a ‘thing’ so what I do for them is take them out somewhere nice for a festive coffee trip. It’s so nice to catch up and be in each others company while sipping on a yummy hot drink.

Secret Santa – Me and my friends from school always do secret santa instead of all buying each other presents because that really adds up! We keep it fun and jokey with a budget of about £10. A pair of fluffy socks, a garish christmas jumper or a book are always good go tos.

Little Treats – Something thoughtful like a nice candle and a bath bomb/oil/salts for someone into their luxury bathing always goes down a treat, or for the outdoor enthusiast friend little gadgets from a camping store are always appreciated.

Homemade – Hand made gifts are always so lovely to receive, I’ll never forget the year my friend made me a terrarium! Baked goods, paintings and scrapbooks all make brilliant homemade presents.

I hope this slightly different style gift guide helped you get some ideas and inspiration for this Christmas, happy gifting!

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