Snow Day

I can’t remember the last time it really snowed, I mean like, reaaally snowed. But then, at the start of March 2018, it did. And it reaaally snowed!

Uni lectures were cancelled (!!!) and so straight out into the frozen world I went. Hearing the crunch of snow under my boots and seeing the snowflakes tumble down from the heavens onto the white blanketed world around me was just magical. I can’t even count how many layers I had on and there were points where my hair was actually frozen solid but I spent the majority of the day outside. I went for the most gorgeous walk, the snow was still falling around me and everywhere I looked nature’s beauty was just magnified by the thick layer of snowfall that was covering everything. Later in the day I went and found my friends and together we all shared the cold, slippery but gorgeous fun of a snow day!

Once I got inside I got straight under a blanket with a hot chocolate, it was the perfect end to a crazy and unexpected day. I love the snow, we hardly ever get proper snow in England, especially in the South were I live, so I made sure to take full advantage while it was there! Wrapping up warm, building snowmen and using anything and everything as a sled is just wonderful fun to me. It took me back to snow days growing up when I’d get the day off school and head straight to the golf course with my friends and a sled and spend the day outside, getting absolutely freezing cold but just having the most fun ever.


Snow Tips

  1. Anything can be a sled
  2. Walk like a penguin to avoid slipping over
  3. Layer up on gloves
  4. And socks
  5. Just wear layers in general actually
  6. Wear your most waterproof boots/shoes
  7. Have a warm up plan in place


Here’s to next winter (and more snow please..?).

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