A Walk In The New Forest

During my one week of Easter holiday, me and my family decided to take a little day trip to the New Forest. We packed a picnic, hopped in the campervan and went over to Bolderwood for the day.  The Bolderwood site is a regular visit for us as it has trails to walk, areas to picnic and most importantly, toilets!!

The whole journey there was spent looking out the van windows at the rain hammering down and thinking, ‘oh goodness, what have we done??’, but when we got there the downpour miraculously stopped so we could go for a walk!

We followed the red trail which was a little 3 miler round the forest and also included a deer viewing platform where we did indeed see some deer. The forest was a gorgeous, lush green from all the rain we’d been having and so wellies were definitely a good choice of foot wear.

Upon our return from the woods my parents knocked up a brew for us all in the campervan while my brother, our partners and I played catch with a satsuma wrapped in electrical tape as we’d forgotten a tennis ball…

It was such a lovely day out, the New Forest really is one of my favourite places to go and explore. Let me know your go to walk and picnic spots in the comments!

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  1. Ed
    July 26, 2018 / 11:54 pm

    You should check out the Reptile Centre next time you go to the New Forest. Adders, Lizards, Frogs (if you’re lucky). At least one trail to walk and toilets!

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