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I thought it was about time to get a guest blogger on board to try something new on here and who better than my lovely mother?! I hope you enjoy this little change from my own musings and do get in contact if you would like to be featured. So without further ado, welcome to Mum’s Musings Volume 1…

I Need A Holiday From Your Holiday!

I’m not sure why I suddenly decided that I needed to write a guest blog post on ‘Ellie in Real Life’ – I can’t remember if she asked me or if I just thought it would be fun – either way, here I am!

So, let me introduce myself – hello, I’m Ellie’s mum! Last time I wrote an article was almost 5 years ago and it was about how I felt about the prospect of Ellie leaving home. The subject was ‘Journey’ and mine was called ‘The Hardest Journey.’ (If you are interested, she might let me re-post it on here at some point?!)

So, today, I am going to continue on the theme of jouneys, but this one is called ‘I Need A Holiday From Your Holiday!’

As anyone who has been to University, or who has had children go there will know, the summer holidays are loooonnnnngggg. They pretty much have 4 months off, so as well as volunteering, doing missionary work, campaigning for better treatment from Student Landlords, maybe finding some paid work, laying in all morning and completely overlooking the fact that I actually do work and am not a constant source of entertainment for them, thoughts turn to perhaps having a holiday.

This year, both my children decided to go abroad with friends. I am totally fine with that, or so I thought. We have traveled with them fairly extensively, so we only have ourselves to blame for the Travel Bug they have inherited.

The preparation was interesting. I am not sure how I have managed to end up with children who are at polar opposites to each other in outlook and attitude. As far as I am aware, I raised them both in the same way, so maybe it’s a bit of ‘nature v. nurture’ and there was nothing I could have done.

I will concede that they can both be very organised, but Ellie does it in a more conventional way. Her brother, is less conventional.

Maybe I just didn’t teach the right Life Lessons. As it turns out, I did miss a few….

I didn’t mention that you actually had to be registered with your home doctor so that you can get your travel vaccinations, or that you couldn’t just rock up and get them – you needed an appointment.

No, the Travel Agents don’t keep stock of the Laos Kip (it turns out, it’s better to take American Dollars) you would have to order them.

It’s best not to go Mountain Biking the day before you leave, that way your bruised and swollen knee and massively grazed arms could have been avoided.

You will need to contact your bank to let them know the dates of your travel, so that your card will work while you are away. This will prevent having to contact your Aunty, who fortunately works in the bank and asking her nicely to authorise it.

You also need to make sure you keep your bank card safe so as to avoid having to cancel it less than 24 hours later when it goes missing.

What did we do before instant access internet banking and Social Media where we can contact mum at any time. Fortunately, it was 2am here, so I was in.

I am happy to report that Ellie’s trip to Spain was a whole lot less eventful.

I am looking forward to having them both home, at which point they will never be allowed to leave the house again. Well, I might let Ellie in the garden.


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