22 Things I’ve Learned Being 22

With my 23rd birthday rapidly approaching (scary!), I thought now would be a good time to reflect on my year of being 22. Safe to say it’s been a year of two halves, I’ve done some really amazing things but I’ve also gone through some seriously rough patches. I’m also quite surprised at myself for writing what’s turned into a quite personal post but I feel really strongly about sharing what I’ve experienced while navigating my early 20’s, it’s been a year that’s taught me a lot and so here are 22 of those little (and big) lessons learned…

  1. I have way more inner resilience than I thought I had. We might as well dive into things with a deep one and I’m truly amazed at the strength I actually have. To fall down (way down, on the floor, in a ball, a total mess) but to then be able to pick myself back up and carry on is what I’m most proud of in my 22nd year.
  2. Quality of friends is more important than quantity, I’d rather have a couple of friends I could rely on for anything than a wide circle of people who are there but not really there. I don’t know what I’d have done without my quality friends this year who were just so good to me so shout out to them!
  3. Bad things happen but it’s how we react to those things that really makes an impact.
  4. A good book is incredible and can take you to a different world, read as much as you can.
  5. Never underestimate the power of family support, I’m so lucky I have a family that are my safety net and their support in what I choose to do with my life has been incomparable this year.
  6. Turns out I really really like avocados.
  7. I actually enjoy running now, it’s like a form of therapy for me, it’s nice to get out of my thinking mind and into the physical outside world.
  8. Independent travel is empowering and super enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be far but it’s always worth it.
  9. Community (the show) can really cheer you up on bad days.
  10. Time in the sun does you good (but wear that SPF!).
  11. As long as the people who love me know the real me then that’s all that matters.
  12. God’s got my back.
  13. Creating a happy space/place is so important.
  14. You can’t please everyone all the time.
  15. I’ve learned more about the inner workings of myself and who I am as a functioning human being, which is pretty useful stuff to be aware of!
  16. Old friends who you can meet up with and act like you literally saw them the other day after several months are true blessings.
  17. Meeting new people is also great, the number of people I’ve randomly started chatting to in the last year whom I now count as friends is a high number.
  18. Taylor Swift is incredible live, end of.
  19. I learned how to do my bit to help save the planet (plant based eating, walking when I can, reduce reuse recycle etc).
  20. I can take criticism waaaaay better now (thank you to various directors for that).
  21. Acting and films will always be my passions and I love working in this industry so much!
  22. I learned how to start living for me on my own terms, how to allow myself to just be me and live happily and peacefully. It’s an ongoing process but I’ve made a good start!

That’s all for now. Some of these are random facts as opposed to life lessons but I hope you enjoyed them and could take something away from this none the less!


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