Coffee Break Thoughts – September Edition

‘These healthy and powerful friendships that we form can often be the greatest relationships of our lives’

September is here! This means I get to continue my favourite hobby of drinking coffee but now it can contain cinnamon and all things pumpkin spice which I have no shame in admitting I LOVE. I have seriously enjoyed the long hot Summer but I’m more than ready to welcome Autumn with open arms now that September is here.

I write the first of this new monthly series of posts (Coffee Break Thoughts) with my cinnamon flavoured coffee brandished in hand like a sword or a shield, not sure which, as I begin this new monthly conquest to shine a light on what’s really been on my mind within the past month. This month it’s been FRIENDSHIP. In my last post I touched on how much my good friends mean to me and I really wanted to go deeper into it so why not make it the first topic of my Coffee Break Thoughts.

I feel so extremely lucky to say that I have some really solid friendships in my life and to be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without them because they’ve helped me through some really tough times!
Friend X for example; I once called her saying I could really do with some company because something bad had happened and she was round straight away with my favourite sad food then stayed with me watching Star Wars until I felt better. During this same time period, Friend Y had just heard about my rough patch and immediately drove all the way from her university city to me just to check in and make sure I was okay. This effortless support, kindness and care are such valued traits and I really do count myself blessed to have these people in my life! And then vice versa, if my friends are having a tough time I will straight away be whatever that person needs at the time, whether that be a listening ear, an advice giver or a shoulder to cry on. When you’re there for each other through the bad and the good without judgement or flakiness you know you’ve found a true and loyal friend.

Of course there is the good as well as the bad, and good times with friends are some of the best days I’ve ever had. I’m still really close to my school friends and we see each other pretty regularly and I know that I will always be laughing until my tummy hurts with those guys. It’s just so wonderful that I have a group of people that just make me feel good when I’m around them. Our humour may be pretty questionable at times but we just get each other and I know they’ll be friends for life. Whether it’s days out on adventures or just staying in chatting and playing games, time with friends is never wasted time.

It’d also be silly not to mention the friends I recently went on holiday to Spain with. There was meant to be another person who was potentially coming on the trip with us but when the unexpected breakup happened I was so worried I wouldn’t make it on the holiday out of sadness but these guys really came through for me, helped me out and whisked me away with them on what turned out to be my favourite trip and happiest memories of the year!

It is of course important to keep an eye out for and recognise toxic friendships. If someone is all take take take to the point that you feel exhausted and used it’s probably time to talk to them about this and re-evaluate that certain friendship. It’s completely okay to leave a situation if it’s making you feel like total rubbish.

These healthy and powerful friendships that we form can often be the greatest relationships of our lives and I have learned never to take it for granted when you have people this amazing around you. A good friend will be forever and nothing can ever break that bond, not distance or time, If you can then go straight back to normal after time apart you know it’s real and true.

I hope you enjoyed the September edition of Coffee Break Thoughts, leave a comment about some of your friendship stories and who you really appreciate in your life.


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